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Have some free time?        Do you enjoy driving?            Like meeting people?

Can You Help?

A really great way of getting to know others is by getting involved in the many activities that Maidenhead Care undertake. 

Maidenhead Care can always use more volunteers. Currently there are typically 20 telephone calls for help each day and over 350 commitments are undertaken each month.

We welcome volunteers of all ages including the active retired, temporarily unemployed, young mums with a little time to spare. Whether you volunteer regularly, occasionally, or in blocks of time (such as school holidays) all offers are valuable and welcome.

Why volunteer?

There are many benefits of volunteering as our members will tell you. Apart from meeting new and interesting people and making new friends you will be making a real difference to our local community.
Read what a few of our volunteers have to say:
Why not ring us on 07538 418 448 and see how you can help?

Can You Help?

Transport Volunteer
Transport Volunteer
How can you help - you decide
Transport - as a volunteer driver you could typically be asked to take a client to a local hospital, to their GP or to a similar type of medical appointment. Such trips are usually on a deliver and wait basis where you would wait at the location until the client had finished when you would take them home. For clients with longer appointments you may decide to drop off and return at alter time if more convenient.
Befriending - if you enjoy a chat we have lonely clients that would love a visit on a regular basis.
Shopping - we have a number of commitments for volunteers able to help escorting the client around the shops or doing the shopping for them.
Duty Officer - if you would like to
volunteer but did not want to drive or visit, consider this role where you
receive telephone requests from clients in your own home and match to a suitable volunteer from a database provided. A portable office consisting of a laptop and mobile phone to receive calls are used and full training is given.

What about Insurance?
Insurance companies do not normally charge you an extra premium for using your vehicle for volunteer driving, the Association of British Insurers publishes a list of their members where you will see any conditions around volunteer driving that your insurer might have, view here>>. Some insurers want you to contact them to let them know if you do volunteer. There should be no extra charge for this.

Do I need to be qualified?
All we ask is that you  provide the basic ID information required for Disclosure and Barring Service DBS checks (previously known as CRB checks). If you are going to use your car as a volunteer you will need to comply with all the legal requirements for everyday motoring.

Can I claim expenses?
Yes - we will provide you with a monthly claim form that allows you to record your mileage from your home to the client on to the appointment and the return. The current maximum that you are allowed to claim is 45p a mile which is stipulate by HMRC. Some volunteer drivers do not claim, that is a entirely up to you.

What are the parking arrangements at hospitals
We regularly take our clients to the local hospitals. The parking can be difficult, many of our clients have Blue Badges which helps. We issue our volunteers with identity passes which are accepted in lieu of payment at a number of hospitals.
How much time does it involve?
This depends on you and your circumstances. You let us know what times and days you can help and this will be logged on our system and you will only be contacted to help in these periods. There is no minimum time commitment, we welcome whatever time you can spare. We fully understand that things change and you can modify arrangements at any time. You are under no obligation to undertake any particular request. You will normally receive at least 7 days notice however we sometimes receive urgent requests that we try to satisfy.

Who uses the service?
We provide help to people who are finding life difficult for a whole range of reasons. They may not be able to use public transport to get to an appointment due to an infirmity or may need help with the shopping or are just visit the lonely who are in need of a chat. We try to provide the services that enable people to live the life they want to.
Do clients pay for the service?
We try to keep our overheads as low as possible and this is reflected in the scale of donations that we use for various trips, which can be viewed here>>. There is no membership fee to become a client just the suggested donation for the individual trip. Our “duty officers” will advise the client at the time of booking what these are, you do not have to negotiate.

Do I have to lift clients?
No - our volunteers are not allowed to lift passengers. When we initially discuss clients circumstances we check if they have sufficient mobility to walk although maybe on an arm sometimes. If they use a wheelchair they must be able to transfer to the car and vice versa.

What happens next?
Give us a ring at the number shown above and we will arrange for our membership secretary to get in touch and talk through the options available.
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