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Good Neighbour Scheme

Donations are always welcome   

Maidenhead Care is totally dependent on the donations of time from its dedicated volunteers to provide the good neighbour service to the people of Maidenhead.  It is also dependent on the financial donations from its clients, benefactors and supporters for its continued operation.

We pride ourselves that the organisation is run entirely by volunteers who undertake the various tasks without financial reward, we have no office as the day to day administration of requests for help is passed from volunteer to volunteer working in their own home. Nevertheless we do incur some expenses for essentials such as insurances, phone, stationary etc.

We receive no money from government, local or national.

As a local resident, why not support a local voluntary service like Maidenhead Care with regular donations by gift-aided standing order.

All of the money received is used carefully and is very much appreciated.

Gift Aid
What is Gift Aid?

This is a scheme which allows charities such as Maidenhead Care to reclaim tax paid on any money donated to them by UK taxpayers.

How does it work?

If you are a taxpayer you will pay tax on your income. If you make a donation to charity we can reclaim the basic rate tax that you have paid, for example if you donate £10 and use Gift Aid we can claim an additional £2.50 directly from the government, which is great news for us.
The HMRC website has further advice on the scheme here>>.

How do I Gift Aid?

All you need to do is print out the declaration confirming you are a UK taxpayer and return the completed form to us after which we will be able to claim tax back on your donations. If your tax circumstances change please let us know. Download form here>>.


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