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Destination Hospital Return Single
Amersham Hospital £10.00 £7.50
Chalfont Hospital £13.00 £9.75
Charing Cross etc. Hospital £22.00 £16.50
Ealing Hospital £20.00 £15.00
Frimley Park £18.00 £13.50
Harefield Hospital £18.00 £13.50
Heatherwood Hospital £9.00 £6.75
High Wycombe Hospital £8.00 £6.00
King Edward VII Hospital £8.00 £6.00
London - Central Hospitals £30.00 £22.50
Moorfields Hospital £24.00 £18.00
Mount Vernon Hospital £18.00 £13.50
Oxford all Hospitals £24.00 £18.00
Reading- Royal Berkshire £12.00 £9.00
St Marks Hospital £4.00 £2.00
Stanmore Hospital £26.00 £19.50
Upton Park Hospital £7.00 £5.25
Wexham Nuffield Hospital £9.00 £6.75
Wexham Park Hospital £9.00 £6.75
Destination Return Single
Maidenhead and Cookham £4.00 £2.00
Bracknell £9.00 £6.75
Burnham £6.00 £4.50
Henley £7.00 £5.25
Marlow £6.00 £4.50
Reading £12.00 £9.00
Slough £7.00 £5.25
Wargrave £8.00 £6.00
Windsor £8.00 £6.00

How can we help?

We can help in many different ways, ranging from providing transport to medical appointments at hospitals, doctors, or dentists, assistance with shopping or visiting someone at home and having a chat living within a three mile radius of Maidenhead Town Centre. If transport is needed we can help those who would have difficulty due to impaired mobility using taxis or public transport, as long as you are sufficiently mobile and able to sit comfortably in a standard saloon car.

Need Help?

Is it safe?
Disclosure and Barring Service DBS checks (previously known as CRB checks) have been carried out for all our volunteers and they carry an identity card at all times.
What happens first?
On your first contact with Care one of our team of volunteers will talk to you about your situation and what help you require. This may be on the telephone or by a visit. Our initial concern is to understand you and your circumstances so that we can try to provide the help requested. We cannot guarantee that every request for help will be met - although we will do our very best and it is rare that we cannot assist in some way.
How to make a booking?
Some volunteers take it in turn to be “duty officers”, working in their own homes, receive all the requests for assistance. They will then contact other volunteers to arrange the support required. If you want to request assistance, either by phone or email, please use the checklist shown below as a reminder of what information we need. Having this information ready to hand will help the process.

Booking request can be made by phoning 07538 418448. This service is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. 

If the phone line is busy please ring back. Please tell us as soon as you have your appointment details, however, we must receive at least five working days notice before your appointment.


All the assistance provided by Maidenhead Care is undertaken by unpaid volunteers. Our drivers use their own cars and freely give their time. They can receive a mileage rate but this is at the volunteers discretion.

Financial help

If you are attending hospital for NHS treatment and in receipt of certain benefits you may be able to claim your travel donation back. More information is available from the Duty Officer.


There is no registration fee for using the services provided by Maidenhead Care. However we do request a donation when providing transport. The suggested donation for your trip will be confirmed by the Duty Officer at the time of booking, a selection of typical donations is shown below. We try and match you with a driver local to you to keep mileage to a minimum. 


If you want to request assistance please use this checklist as a reminder of what information we need. Having this information ready to hand will help.

When you contact us we will need to know:
• Your name
• Your telephone number
• Your address
• The date of your appointment
• The time of your appointment
• Where your appointment is
• How long you think your appointment will last
• Any special requirements, such as taking an escort or a wheelchair.

What can’t we do?

We are not an alternative ambulance service and therefore cannot undertake transport of clients that have any medical conditions that might put them or our volunteers at risk with a medical emergency they are not trained to deal with.
Local Journeys
A single journey is where we only take the client one way.
If appointments are likely to be in excess of three hours  donations will be based on two single journeys.

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